e LogBook

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Économie et entreprise Utilitaires
Développeur Azitech Pty Ltd
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e LogBook is the top selling vehicle travel logbook application available for the iPhone.

This is a simple, quick and easy to use application for recording travel mileage information for business and private vehicle trips. This information is then available to allow the user to compile vehicle expense claims for annual tax returns or to simply record information about vehicle usage.

The application has been written to allow the user to quickly capture the required information at the start and end of each trip with a minimum of effort. It is possible to edit any trip if incorrect information is entered. This simple application is a great substitute for the conventional manual paper logbook that is required to be used for recording information for annual tax returns.

By popular request, the first update has been released to allow the user to select between miles and kilometres. This update also has the added feature to allow the user to select regularly used trip descriptions from a Quick Fill list. This is designed to help reduce the time required to complete the trip record.

The next update will have the full functionality to record expenses.

When required, the user can then access all of the stored trip information through a simple download process using iTunes. The information on the phone can be backed up regularly using the Sync process in iTunes.